Garage Door Cable Repair – Fix and Replace Your Cables in Downtown Toronto

If your garage door is not opening or closing properly, then the garage door cables may be the source of the problem. Maybe you have done a visual inspection and can see a broken or frayed cable, or the cables are not winding properly.

We can quickly solve this issue for you by dispatching one of our trained and insured garage door repair technicians. We carry garage door cables, pulleys, bearings and winding drums on our trucks.

We are based in downtown Toronto and have technicians on-call for homeowners and businesses throughout the city. We are on duty 7 days a week for emergency calls so if you have a garage door cable issue then get in touch today. At Toronto Garage Door Repair we can give you a free quote over the phone or via our contact form.

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How the Garage Door Cable Works

The garage door cable is essentially the lifting “arm” that connects the door to the garage door spring that delivers the opening and closing force. The garage door spring will wind or unwind which causes the torsion spring shaft to turn. The spring shaft is connected to cable drums at each end – and it is these drums that the garage door cable winds around. The cables are fastened to the bottom of the garage door.  As each cable drum turns, the garage door cable delivers the lifting force to the garage door bottom and the door raises along its tracks.

The garage door cable is essential to the proper functioning of your garage door.  If the garage door cable is broken or malfunctioning, then the garage door won’t work properly.  The entire system will come under strain – for example the rollers and tracks – so it is important that issues with the cables are addressed immediately.

Broken garage door cables are also a critical safety issue for you and your family.  The cables are responsible for lifting the entire weight of the garage door, so fixing broken or fraying cables should be done ASAP.

Signs that Your Cables Require Service

If you’re having problems with opening and closing your garage door, keep an eye out for the following problems related to the garage door cables:

  • The cable is snapped!
  • Fraying from wear and tear
  • Incorrect winding of the cables around the drums
  • The pulleys are starting to wear out
  • Garage door is uneven along the tracks
  • Garage door won’t open or close
  • Unpleasant noises from the bearings along the door
  • Burning smell caused by friction along the bearings
  • Loose cables hanging down

WARNING: Because your cables are responsible for lifting over one hundred pounds of garage door, you should strongly consider calling a professional first to do any garage door cable repair. DIY work can result in serious injury from both the weight of the door but also tension around the cables and garage door spring.

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Fix or Replace Your Cables?

Our team has the skills and experience to diagnose your problem and recommend repair or replacement. In many cases purchasing and installing a replacement cable isn’t necessary – although they are quite inexpensive. We will always recommend whichever option maintains safety at the highest level!

We Fix Cable Systems

Sometimes the problem isn’t the garage door cable itself but the system of drums, bearings and pulleys that guide the cables. For example, a common problem is the cable is not winding properly around the drum. Or the pulleys are wearing out.

If the cable system is the problem, then our team will be able to quickly identify the issue and repair it. Our garage door repair technicians keep replacement parts on their trucks. Our goal is to get your garage door working again before the end of the day.

When is it time to replace your cables?

When the garage door cable is showing signs of physical damage – rust, corrosion and/or fraying – then it is definitely time to replace your cables. A fraying cable will eventually snap so this is a serious safety issue. And when the cable does snap – nothing will slow down your day like a garage door that won’t open or close.

Fortunately new garage door cables are not an expensive purchase. And our technicians have the skills and experience to install new cables quickly and at low cost.

All our technicians are trained and insured. We have been delivering garage door cable repair services for over 15 years in downtown Toronto and look forward to solving your problem quickly at a competitive price.

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