Garage Door Opener Repair in Downtown Toronto

Are you running into the following issues with your garage door?

  • The door doesn’t open or close at all.
  • The door opener doesn’t turn on.
  • Your door is partially open and won’t budge.
  • The garage door comes crashing down when you close it.
  • You’re hearing unusual noises when lifting or lowering the door.

Don’t wait! It’s time to contact a garage door opener repair specialist to have the issue addressed. The garage door opener is a crucial component to keep your garage door in working order, and it’s also essential for safety reasons.

At Toronto Garage Door Repair we have more than 15 years of experience with garage door opener repairs. We can help with residential and commercial repairs and get your door opener working again in no time.

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Common Problems With Your Garage Door

Several issues can result in a garage door opener not working. Here are some of the most common reasons that customers call us for garage door opener.

The operator is not getting a signal

If you keep pressing the open button and nothing happens, you might not be transmitting a valid signal:

  • Check the garage door opener battery if you’re using a remote.
  • Remove obstacles that could block a radio signal.
  • There might be an electrical issue with the keypad or operator.
  • If you have a Wi-Fi remote, try rebooting your router or connecting fewer devices.

The motor has stopped working

Replacing an old motor is a fairly common garage opener repair. Motors can fail due to wear and tear, electrical issues, or overheating.

A broken or stuck chain or belt can also prevent the motor from transmitting movement to the garage door.
Before you look into how to repair garage door opener motor, look for a diagnostic LED light. Some manufacturers like Craftsman or Skylink use diagnostic LEDs that flash to display error codes.

The alignment is off

Your door can get stuck if the alignment is off, even though the opener system works properly. The rollers might not glide properly, or the door itself can get stuck in its track.

You can prevent alignment issues with regular tune-ups and cleaning.

You have damaged springs

Your opener might work but not have enough torque to open the garage door if the springs are out of order. Springs can break due to wear and tear or rust.

Try using the emergency release handle. If your door is still not opening, you’re likely in need of a spring repair.

If you still have issues or want to minimize the risk of these problems appearing, don’t hesitate to contact an expert. At Toronto Garage Door Repair, we will do a full assessment and discuss any needed repairs or maintenance with you, so you can rest assured your garage door stays in good shape.

With so many parts and functions, it might be difficult to pinpoint the origin of the issue you may be experiencing. That’s when the experts come in. Call us today to book an appointment for garage door repair in Toronto and get the problem diagnosed and repaired quickly and efficiently.

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Garage Door Opener Remotes and Garage Door Opener Keypads

A garage door opener is a convenient feature. It allows you to lift or lower your door by simply pressing a button on a remote or keypad.

What happens when you press this button? If you have a garage door opener remote, the device will transmit a radio signal to a receptor. Some brands like Chamberlain or Mastercraft offer models that use a Wi-Fi signal instead.

If you’re using a garage door opener keypad, the unit will send an electrical signal to the operator.
The radio, electrical, or Wi-Fi signal activates the motor, which starts pulling a belt or chain attached to the door.

Keypads and remotes aren’t the only devices that can control a garage door opener. In Canada, garage door opener manufacturers must include some photoelectric sensors that use an infrared beam to detect people, animals, or vehicles and stop the door’s movement to prevent accidents.

Are you thinking of replacing your door opener, or does your door opener need repairing? At Toronto Garage Door Repair, we provide high-quality products and services. Our experienced technicians can fix any issues with remotes and keypads, and replace them if needed. Contact us today – our expert team is always ready to advise you on the best option for you! We also do commercial doors repair.

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Garage Door Opener Parts

In order to have a better understanding of how to diagnose and fix garage door opener, it’s important to understand what the different parts do:

  • The remote, switch, or keypad is the device you use to activate the opener system.
  • Your garage door should have a set of safety sensors located four to six inches above the ground on either side of the door.
  • The operator is the device that receives the signal and activates the motor. You’ll find this part in the motor housing.
  • The motor and motor housing are in a box affixed to the garage ceiling or wall if you have a wall-mounted garage door opener or side-mounted garage door opener.
  • The parts of a garage door opener also include a chain or belt. This component connects the motor to the door. When the motor rotates, the chain or belt pulls the door and lifts or lowers it. Some brands like LiftMaster have models that use a rotating screw instead.
  • You’ll also find a curved arm that connects the belt or chain to the door, and some metal cables connected to both sides of the door that help lift it.
  • Did you know that a steel garage door could weigh over 100 lbs? The garage door opener system isn’t sufficient to lift a garage door, which is why you’ll find torsion springs protected by a tube-shaped housing.
  • The opening mechanism also includes some drums and rollers. The drums act as pulley wheels that rotate as the door glides along the metal rollers attached to the ceiling. For these types of problems we recommend garage door cable replacement.
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Why Garage Door Repairs are Important

A broken opener system is an inconvenience. You might have to park your car outside, or even end up with a car stuck inside your garage.

Getting a professional to fix garage door opener is also important because a faulty opener can cause further damage. For instance, damaged springs can cause the door to come crashing down. With over 30,000 injuries caused by garage doors every year, you should know that operating a faulty garage door isn’t safe, and getting it fixed should be a priority. We urge our customers to be extra cautious with repairing garage door torsion springs. This is best left to a professional because it can be extremely dangerous!

Plus, having a repairman look at your door can help pinpoint what caused the issue. The technician will be able to recommend some steps you can take to prevent further issues in the future.

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Diagnosing a broken garage door opener isn’t always straightforward. Plus, repairing a garage door can be dangerous due to the weight of the door. It’s best to have an experienced technician handle it.

At Toronto Garage Door Repair, we always put our customers first and pride ourselves in offering a fast and reliable garage door opener repair service.

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