Garage Door Spring Repair – Fix or Replace Torsion Springs in Downtown Toronto

Is your garage door having any of these problems?

  • Not opening properly – either too fast or too slow
  • Slamming down on the ground
  • Won’t open or close at all – it’s stuck!

In many cases, a broken garage door spring (aka the torsion spring) is to blame. It is one of the most important parts of your garage door system and does most of the heavy lifting. A broken spring can mean a safety hazard for you and your family, especially if the garage door is closing way too fast.

A visual inspection is an easy way to find out whether your garage door spring needs to be repaired or replaced. A broken spring will have visible damage from wear and tear – usually warping or buckling. Rust corrosion is often visible on the garage door spring also.

WARNING: The garage door torsion spring stores a huge amount of force. This is true whether the garage door is open or closed. It is this stored potential energy that allows the spring to open the heavy garage door. It is highly recommended to NOT attempt any DIY work on a broken garage door spring. Because the spring stores so much force, the risk of injury is extremely high.

Always call an experienced technician for any garage door spring repair. At Toronto Garage Door Repair we have over 15 years experience solving problems related to the torsion spring. Our technicians have helped homeowners and businesses with every type of garage door repair related issue.

For spring repair give our mobile management team a call today. We operate in downtown Toronto and carry replacement springs on our trucks. We can offer a free quote anytime over the phone or via our contact form.

Torsion Springs and the Garage Door Opener

Your garage door is one part of a simple but effective system that allows for easy opening and closing.  The garage door spring (or torsion spring) is the central part of this system.

The torsion spring is usually located at the top of the garage door frame and runs parallel to the frame (and floor).  As the garage door closes, the spring coils which allows it to store a huge amount of force.  As the garage door opens, the spring unwinds and releases the potential energy which helps to lift the heavy weight of the door.  Usually the automatic garage door opener works together with the garage door spring to open and close the garage door.

The typical garage door spring usually lasts an average of 10,000 cycles.  Depending on how often you use the garage door, the spring can last anywhere from 7 – 15 years.

The garage door spring is central to the proper functioning of the garage door – the door cannot operate without it!  For this reason it is important that the spring receives seasonal maintenance to insure it’s working properly and also check for signs of damage.

If you suspect your garage door spring is not working properly – call a technician as soon as possible.  The garage door assembly is an interconnected system so if one part isn’t working properly then other parts of the system come under strain.  A malfunctioning spring can start to put undue stress on the hinges, rollers and tracks of the garage door.  Problems with any component must be addressed as soon as possible!

garage door torsion spring repair

Garage Door Springs – Fix or Replace?

If you suspect that your garage door spring is causing problems, then give us a call and one of our technicians will diagnose the issue. We have the experience to repair parts of the torsion spring assembly before considering outright replacement. Also many garage door springs will benefit from some easy maintenance. These are measures we can take to save money for our customers!

Garage Door Spring Repair

Seasonal maintenance is important for extending the life span of your garage door spring. One of the most simple tasks is proper lubrication of the spring to deter rust and corrosion. Our technicians can deliver this service on a regular semi-annual schedule to ensure that your garage door is functioning properly year round.

Sometimes the central torsion spring isn’t causing your problem. We can also repair components of the garage door assembly. Our technicians can repair individual parts including:

  • Center bracket
  • Stationary cone
  • Winding cone
  • Cable drum

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Garage Door Spring Replacement

If your spring is nearing the end of its life span – or it hasn’t been regularly maintained – then replacing the spring will probably be necessary.  Our technicians carry replacement springs on their trucks and will usually have a selection of different sizes, manufacturers and price points.

If we don’t have the required spring for your garage door we will be able to order the right part for you.  We are a preferred distributor for several manufacturers and will be happy to find you the right spring at the best price.

Our technicians are fully insured and bonded.  Parts and service come with warranties so be sure to inquire with our mobile management team today!

Repair Torsion Springs – Get a Free Quote

We are based in downtown Toronto and have trucks rolling through the city right now. If your garage door is not opening or closing properly – and the garage door spring may be to blame – get in touch with us today for a free quote. Our technicians carry replacement parts so we can repair your garage door by the end of the day!

For business owners, learn more about our commercial garage door service.

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